We Did It Again…


I’d like to start off by saying that we’re very, VERY sorry. It’s just not right to promise something and not deliver. We all make plans to start back up on our website, yet we haven’t done anything in 22 days! School has been tough since it’s so close to exams and we’ve been having trouble finding a web host. Now, we are ready to (sort of) sort things out. Tomorrow, @4:30 p.m CT, I will be uploading an article! I know, it’s amazing. I just thought that it’s been a while (almost 7 months) since we uploaded an actual article. So I’ve thought to myself, “What kind of article would the people enjoy reading the most?”. Now after about an hour of thinking, I’ve come to the conclusion that an article about one of my favourite topics is the perfect thing to write about. Solar Roadways. I can’t explain much to you because that would be spoiling the whole topic. But I can say that you will all thoroughly enjoy this masterpiece of an article. That’s all for now! If you want to see us start writing more, follow us on Twitter or Facebook… or both! Don’t worry, we won’t bite, probably.

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Discussing the Future of CC-PM News

Photo Credit: http://www.worldwildlife.org

For the time that we have written on CC-PM News, before our “break”, we loved working on this site. We were filled with enthusiasm, curiosity, and we definitely learned several things about writing, making a websites, etc. But, like any new project, we were met with disappointments, frustrations, and even the odd, little screw-up. But, I would like to think that that only made our experience working on this site all the more fun, and definitely more challenging. I know that this sounds cheesy, but it really made us more complete, so to speak. And, I definitely felt that, during the time that we were inactive. But I also felt that we did something wrong, maybe it was in our writing, maybe it was in our approach to blogging, or maybe it was just our lack of experience in this whole project. But, the past week, I realized what it was, what we did wrong, that made us, almost, abandon CC-PM News. I think that the problem lay in what we were writing, and how we were writing it. And that’s how we got the idea. The idea of how to continue with this site. Instead of writing news articles about topics that you probably read in your Facebook feed, the news channel, or on websites (like Gizmodo, CNN, The Huffington Post, etc.) way before you find them on here, we decided that we are going to just write whatever we like, so to speak.

Our goal with this “next step” will be so we wouldn’t have to worry about being biased because we’d essentially be writing our own opinions (so it would be challenging to write a non-biased opinion that comes from your, metaphorical, heart!) on controversial, interesting, and/or strange matters/topics. So we can just be casual, and express our thoughts and etc.

Not only that, but we will also be trying to work on moving our site from WordPress, and onto a new domain, so once we’re finished, get ready for some big changes! But, you don’t have to worry, we’ll still keep this website, in case you want to revisit some of our past articles…

Essentially, we’re moving from an official-type news site, to a blog, where you would be able to express your thoughts, like I mentioned earlier, and be part of a community. When, you know, we actually get a fully-fledged community/audience! So stay tuned, probably in a few months (who knows, maybe even in a few weeks!), we’ll have the website up and running and we’ll post another articles explaining that we have finished the website, attached with a link to the new site.

If you have any questions, or ideas for our new website (and/or the making of it) feel free to                 contact us @ cc.pm.news@gmail.com, or just ask us in the comments section, just don’t be afraid! We won’t bite, probably…

World’s Largest Air Purifier

After years of development Daan Roosegaarde unveiled his glorious invention. A 23 foot tall air purifier. I know it sounds a little crazy, but it actually takes smog out of the air and not only does it do that, it turns that smog into gem stones. It take approximately 1000 cubic meters of air to create one gem stone. This machine referred to as the “Smog Free Tower” sucks up 30,000 cubic meters of polluted air per hour! Or 30 gems an hour, or 720 gems per day. That’s a whopping 262,800 gems a year (give or take a few)!

Now this machine is an amazing invention, and is one step close to solving the world’s pollution issues. I bet all of you are thinking that we could just place them down in every single polluted city on the planet, wait a year or two, and we’re scotch free. But that’s too simple. These things are going to cost millions to duplicate. But once it’s done, it will save us a lot of time and energy cleaning up this mess ourselves.

In my opinion, this thing is just another revolutionary design that is going to help save our planet. And although they might make a lot of noise (I don’t actually know if they do) they will look better in our parks, than an abstract piece of art. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this article. If you did, then you might want to go and check out some of our other cool articles. Other than that, I’m done with this article, and I hope to see you in the next one! Thanks to Studio Roosegaarde for the images.

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Where has CC-PM News gone?

Now, first of all, I would just like to say that we are very sorry for not uploading the past two months. Grade 9 has kind of messed up our whole schedule. We’ve had to sort of plan out what we want to do with this site. Do we want to keep writing and just change our schedule (most likely to Saturdays), do we forget the entire thing even happened, or do we give it away to another person to take over? Don’t be rushing to write a response about how we should or shouldn’t continue with this because right now, we’re still on the side of keeping with it. The only problem is that sometimes we aren’t always available on Saturdays to write. But we don’t feel that doing it on weekdays is the correct choice either, because of homework.

So in the end, we think it’s best if we let you decide. Should we stay or should we go? Other than that, all I have to say is to voice your opinion on twitter. Because we are more likely to see it on there than on here. Also, if you feel the need to contact us, please send us an E-mail (link below) and voice your opinion on there. Oh, and thank you all for 18,000 views! I is very appreciated. That’s all for now, I’ll talk to you in the next article, maybe…

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ASUS Announces The Best WiFi Router Available

Have you ever wanted a router with 4K streaming and smart home networking? Then you’ll want to take a look at the ASUS RT-AC5300. This powerful router will apparently deliver speeds that are 67 percent faster than first-gen tri-band routers. ASUS is promising an astonishing 1 Gbps connection over 2.4GHz and up to 2.167 Gbps on each of the two 5GHz bands. There saying it’s the world’s fastest WiFi.

In my opinion, this router could really change the world! Not really, it’s really just another useless invention that, yes will help make our lives easier trying to post to Facebook about our breakfast, but we really don’t need it. How about instead of making a faster router, we make a computer that was built completely out of recycles old computer parts. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this article. If you did, please follow our twitter to stay updated on what we’ve posted!

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Be The First To Write For CC-PM News!

Starting September 5th, we are having a contest to see who will be the first person to guest write on our site. All you need to do is send us an E-mail (cc.pm.news@gmail.com) showing us an article that you wrote. After the contest has ended on September 12, we will asses each participants article depending on Grammar, Argument and Likeability. Once the winner is chosen, we will send them a confirmation E-mail, letting them know they won. You will receive the E-mail by September 16. If you don’t receive the E-mail by then, you know you didn’t win. But there is always next year! No seriously, this will become an annual event. Every year we choose another person to write.

If you do happen to win, you will be given the confirmation E-mail as well as a link to our site. Once you click on it, you will be able to write articles freely. But you will not be able to post these articles as we need to see them first to check for errors and to see if it’s the right content for this site. Remember, this website does not condone any depressing articles. Unfortunately there will be no payment for your efforts. But (we’re not guaranteeing this) there may be payment in the future. You will also have no involvement with our social media. But you are allowed to add you twitter, Facebook or E-mail to the end of the post.

We wish everyone good luck in the contest. And to stay updated on this contest, make sure to follow us on twitter and Facebook.

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Stephen Hawking’s New Theory Should Be Proven Right

Stephen Hawking is back. With a new theory once again. According to quantum mechanics, quantum mechanical information is encoded in, everything in our world [no doubt, in our universe as well!], and that information can [never] be destroyed. You must be wondering, how does that have anything to do with Hawking’s new theory? Well, his theory is that that information cannot be destroyed even when sucked in by a black hole, despite many people’s beliefs. Instead, one of two things can happen to that same info. It can either be “transported” to another universe. Or it becomes permanently encoded in a 2D hologram that, in this theory, Hawking calls, a “super translation“. Wow. That’s a lot of information. Anyone got that pun? Anyone? Anyways, let’s move on to the thorough explanations, shall we?

1. The Whole “Entrance To Another Universe” Thing

Sure, this is a cool “thing” to believe in, especially for multiverse theory enthusiasts. I, myself believe in the multiverse and would be devastated if that theory was proven wrong and even worse if it was proven wrong, in my lifetime. But a door to another universe where you can never go back to the previous universe does sound at least a bit far-fetched, I have to admit. However, I won’t be totally against this possibility, because think about it, if the idea of other universes does exist in reality, then how else would you be able to enter the other universes? I would highly doubt that it would be impossible to go through each and every universe. Enough about this, you’re probably wondering about the other possible scenario that could happen when you go through a black hole.

2. The 2D Information Hologram Idea

This possibility does not actually seem too far-fetched! Well, according to quantum mechanics, it isn’t. And not only that there could be a big chance this becomes proven right, is that this is a pretty interesting and cool idea. This is a neat answer to the “black hole information paradox”; a paradox that suggests that that same quantum mechanical information [that was mentioned earlier], can still be destroyed when sucked up by a black hole, despite all the laws of quantum mechanics. Speaking of this interesting paradox, not only is this possibility a hopeful answer, but this entire theory is Stephen Hawking’s solution to the black hole information paradox.

Wow, that is one interesting theory! Sure, there’s a high chance that this [theory] proves to be wrong, but who knows? This could end up to be one of those theories that would break the laws of quantum mechanics/physics! If only these kind of concepts could be proven in my lifetime, but unfortunately we don’t have the resources to figure out whether these theories are right or not.

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Ashley Madison Boss Steps Down After Hack

Noel Biderman, the CEO of Avid Life Media, has decided to step down after Ashley Madison was hacked. If you don’t know what Ashley Madison is, it’s a site created for only one purpose. To have an online affair. Recently, the site was hacked, and the e-mails of every single person on that site was released into the public. Now, only days after the attack on the site, the CEO of it, Noel Biderman, has decided to step down. By a statement released today, Avid said Noel Biderman stepping down “is in the best interest of the company.” Of course he decide’s to resign after the hacked that revealed millions of people’s personal information.

Avid also says that they are currently cooperating with international law enforcement to bring those responsible for this act of theft of proprietary member and business information to justice. In my opinion, I don’t really feel bad for these people. If you do something you know is bad, you have to accept the possibility of being caught, and unfortunately, these people were caught.

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Bruce Wayne Will Never Be Batman Again, Or Will He?

WARNING: There shall be spoilers for those who are still reading the Batman comic series by Scott Synder and Greg Capullo. Consider yourself…. WARNED!


If you’re familiar with the ongoing Batman comic series, in Batman #40, the Batman and his homicidal archenemy, the Joker, have one final battle. And in the end, with much sadness, they both perished in the inevitable collapsing if the cave where they fought for the last time.

However, Batman, as in the ‘symbol’, did not die. This is because in the next comic book issue (issue #41), Commissioner Jim Gordon volunteered to become the new Batman. But, like always, there’s a catch. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought of Batman as someone who doesn’t obey the law, but is above it. He’s the superhero that isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty [so to speak], or put someone down for good. He’s noble and good, but in his own way, not as “pure” as Superman is, but still has his own rules. But the problem with Jim Gordon being the Batman is that he has to stay very close to the rules and the laws of the police force. I just don’t see Batman as a police force, instead of the crime fighting vigilante that everyone has known and/or adored for a long time! Now, you must be wondering, since Commissioner Gordon is fairly old, how in the world can he be fit and ‘healthy’ enough to work as Batman? Well, for starters, in one of the new issues, Jim has mentioned that he was literally given [synthetic] muscles,and he already had prior training when he worked in the police department, but still did some extensive training, workouts, and learning to become even more skilled and prepared to don the Batman title. I can’t believe that they are already introducing a new supervillian into the comics, especially when Jim Gordon still isn’t that experienced in being the Batman. I wonder how it’s all going to turn out.

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Prepare… For Surprises UPDATED

Starting Sunday, I will start writing an article on the quite popular Gizmodo, and then I will post a link to it on here, CC-PM News. Oh, I almost forgot! I will try to post on their news blog every Sunday, so remember that! I said try, so if I don’t, do not blame me for missing a day! So stay tuned, on Twitter, Facebook, Gizmodo and on here for my Gizmodo articles! I hope that you, viewers, will definitely enjoy reading them because if you don’t, then I have done all this work… For nothing… Sorry, instead of I hope, I expect that you like my articles on Gizmodo and that you will take your time to tell your friends, acquaintances, family members, etc. about them. I will really appreciate if you would do that. And has usual, if you haven’t checked us out on any social media websites. Be sure to click on the links below.

UPDATE: I’m not going to do a steady Sunday schedule on Gizmodo. Just watch for the [possible], once in a while post that could be by me on any of the Kinja blogs. My apologies to you, folks.

EDIT: Unfortunately, my first article on Gizmodo has been greatly postponed. Sorry for the inconvience.

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